XV congress of the Sociedad Ibérica de Citometria (SIC)

Centro Cultural de Belém
25 de Maio
27 de Maio


Izasa Scientific estará presente en el XV Congreso da Sociedade Ibérica de Citometría (SIC) con un stand donde podrá ver en funcionamiento el Sony Cell Sorter SH800s y el NovoCyte Flow Cytometer Systems de Acea.

Si va asistir al Congreso, estaremos encantados de darle la bienvenida en nuestro stand para una demostración privada. Para ello sólo tiene que hacer la inscripción y solicitar su cita.



    9:00-13:00h Pre-Congress Workshops 

    14:45h Opening Ceremony

    15:00-16:00h Opening Session

    16:00-16:30h Coffee Break

    16:30-18:30h Parallel Session

    Haematological malignancies of Rare Cells

    Anaplastic Lymphomas

    Hodking Lymphomas

    Mast Cell Leukemia

    Flow cytometry and Hypersensitivity: Allergy and Autoimmunity

    Role of Flow cytometry in allergy

    Food Allergy: diagnosis and monitoring

    Drug Allergy and flow cytometry: diagnosis and monitoring

    18:30-19:00h Commercial Sessions

    19:00-20:00h SIC General Meeting

    20:00-22:00h Welcome Cocktail

    9:00-10:00h Plenary Session

    Advances in the flow cytometry diagnosis and monitoring of hematological malignancies

    10:00-11:45h Parallel Session

    Functional Cytomics and emerging applications

    Cytogenomic analyses show expanded genomes in the Pucciniales (rust fungi) and suggest ploidy variation along their life cycles

    The mammalian spermatozoa: Is it time for flow spermetry?

    Phenotype and Function of rare immune cells

    Stem Cells and Transplantation

    Minimal residual disease and immune reconstitution after stem cell transplantation

    (Re) Programing Haematopoiesis and Immunity

    Immune reconstitution following Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation

    11:45-12:15h Coffee Break

    12:15-14:00h Parallel Session

    Immunophenotype of T and NK cells in acute and chronic lymphoproliferative syndromes

    T-cell differentiation and its implications for the diagnosis, classification and monitoring of ALL T

    Immunophenotype of T lymphocytes in acute and chronic lymphoproliferative syndromes

    Immunophenotype of NK lymphocytes in acute and chronic lymphoproliferative syndromes

    Vesicles, exosomes, microparticules

    Education of bone marrow-derived cells during metastasis by tumor-secreted exosomes

    Past, Present and Future of Extracellular Vesicles Analysis by Flow Cytometry

    Immunosuppressive Exosomes Present in Human Ovarian Tumor Microenvironments Rapidly and Reversibly Arrest T Cell Activation

    14:00-15:15h Working Lunch

    15:15-17:00h Parallel Session

    Advances in primmary immunodeficiencies screening and diagnosis by flow cytometry

    New standardized strategies in the orientation of lymphoid defects by flow cytometry: Combined

    Flow cytometry in the identification of innate citotoxic dysfunction

    Mendelian Susceptibility to Mycobacterial Disease - Strategies for Diagnosis by Flow Cytometry

    Monitoring Immunotherapy for Cancer Session with the collaboration of SPO & SEOM

    Introduction to immunotherapy

    Immunodynamics assays for Cancer Immunotherapy

    Monitoring NK cell-based Immunotherapy in theelderly

    17:00-17:30h Coffee Break

    17:30-18:30h Commercial Session

    18:30-19:30h SIC Group presentations, GECLID presentation

    20:30-24:00h Congress Dinner

    9:00-10:00h Plenary Session

    Minimal Residual Disease detection in hemato logical malignancies: recent advances and future perspectives

    10:00-11:00h Plenary Session

    Accreditation of Flow Cytometry Laboratories

    ISO 15189 and ISO 17025, standards for (clinical) laboratories

    Undergoing Accreditation in Flow Cytometry Labs: Steps to Follow and Critical Points

    Flexible scope in flow cytometry: Experience of a laboratory accredited by UNE-EN-ISO 15189

    11:00-11:30h Coffee Break

    11:30-13:00h Plenary Session

    Immunology (SPI)

    Analysing the impact of T cell subsets on brain cognitive function

    Choreographing Immunity and Tolerance Induction in the Thymus

    Metabolic cues implicated on monocyte biology

    Cell competition in the thymus

    13:00-13:15h Closing Ceremony